Understanding the Global Impact of COVID-19
through Data Science

Oxford COVID-19 (OxCOVID19) Project aims to increase our understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic and elaborate possible strategies to reduce the impact on the society through the combined power of Statistical, Mathematical Modelling and Machine Learning techniques.

Interactive, daily updated COVID-19 Tracker of confirmed cases of the UK regions and the World.
A large multimodal relational database consisting of information related to COVID-19 pandemic.
Periodic updates and news coming from the OxCOVID19 Project Team.

If you find OxCOVID19 Database useful please cite:

Adam Mahdi, Piotr Błaszczyk, Paweł Dłotko, Dario Salvi, Tak-Shing Chan, John Harvey, Davide Gurnari, Yue Wu, Ahmad Farhat, Niklas Hellmer, Alexander Zarebski, Bernie Hogan, Lionel Tarassenko, OxCOVID19 Database, a multimodal data repository for better understanding the global impact of COVID-19. Scientific Reports 11, Article number:9237 (2021).